We put our energy behind sustainability.


About Nuverra Environmental Solutions

We are Nuverra Environmental Solutions, a company dedicated to the protection, enhancement and advancement of environmental solutions. We partner with E&P and industrial companies who share our vision for a sustainable future.

Nuverra specializes in providing environmentally compliant and sustainable solutions to a national footprint of customers who demand the highest level of environmental compliance and accountability from their service providers. Together with our customers, we fundamentally support sustainable energy generation and American energy independence.

National Footprint

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Nuverra is one of the largest environmental solutions companies in the United States.
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One Company

Nuverra Truck

Heckmann Corporation and its subsidiaries – Heckmann Water Resources and Power Fuels are now known as Nuverra Environmental Solutions. By coming together under one brand…
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The Nuverra Brand

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Our name is a reflection of our core commitment to providing comprehensive environmental solutions. The name comes from the Greek word neos, meaning new; and the Latin words vera meaning true, and terra meaning earth…
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