We put our energy behind sustainability.


One Company

Heckmann Corporation and its subsidiaries — Heckmann Water Resources and Power Fuels — are known as Nuverra Environmental Solutions. By coming together under one brand, Nuverra provides comprehensive, full-cycle environmental solutions that protect the environment, enhance customer operations, and advance our energy independence.

Just as our end markets, including the domestic unconventional oil and gas industry, have been vigorously revitalized, we are broadening our mission and the value proposition we offer our customers. We have increased in size and scope, and have begun offering a larger portfolio of valuable solutions and services to a broader base of clients.

Nuverra Company Logos

Nuverra Environmental Solutions

As Nuverra, we are a national environmental solutions company balancing efficiency and sustainability through responsible practices. We provide comprehensive, full-cycle environmental solutions — resources, capabilities and ideas — that protect environmental sustainability, enhance the operations of our client partners and advance American energy independence. We proudly and passionately deliver unmatched and innovative environmental solutions, and the depth of our commitment is clearly visible within the industries that we serve.