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Nuverra Environmental Solutions is an oilfield logistics and equipment company focused on water transport, transfer and disposal.  We provide comprehensive solutions to assist E & P operators with their water and water related services.


About Us

Nuverra is a leading provider of solutions to customers focused on the development and ongoing production of oil and natural gas from shale formations in the United States.  We provide one-stop solutions and well site logistics management including delivery, collection, disposal and treatment of solid and liquid materials that are used in and generated by the drilling, completion and ongoing production of shale oil and natural gas.


We utilize a broad array of assets to meet our customer’s needs including trucks and trailers, temporary and permanent pipelines, temporary and permanent storage facilities, ancillary rental equipment and liquid and solid waste disposal sites.


We provide a suite of solutions to meet the safety, environmental compliance and accountability requirements of our customers.


Our service offering focuses on three primary activities:

Wate Hauling Truck

Logistics and Wellsite Services

Collection and transport of water from wellsites, staging and storage of equipment and materials and rental of well site equipment

Water Pipeline

Water Midstream

Collection and transportation of produced and flowback water from wellsites via a fixed pipeline system and freshwater procurement and transportation services

Disposal Well

Disposal Wells and Landfill

Disposing of water into wells that is connected to a pipeline system and to wells that are independent of our pipeline systems.  We also operate a landfill to dispose of solid drilling waste.


Nuverra is a multi-basin company dedicated to removal, transportation and disposal of fluids, hydrocarbons and restricted solids for major exploration and production companies operating in three large oil and gas basins.  Our broad geographic footprint allows us the scale to serve the significant needs of our customers.

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Serving oil and gas customers

Rocky Mountain



Serving petroleum industry customers




Serving oil and gas customers



We are continually looking for passionate, results–oriented individuals who value the highest standards of performance, excellence and fast-pace in servicing our customers.

As a company, Nuverra is growing quickly and this provides a great opportunity for both job and career growth. Whether you are a driver with a commercial drivers license, a mechanic or an administrative support contributor; we promise you a career opportunity and position where you can grow professionally and financially.

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Current Positions
Current Positions

Rocky Mountain (ND,MT)

Email: jobs@nuverra.com

Phone: (701) 420-8989

Southern (LA,TX)

Email: jobs@nuverra.com

Phone: (318) 872-9050

Northeast (OH, PA, WV)

Email: jobs@nuverra.com

Phone: (412) 738-1096

Headquarters (AZ)

Email: jobs@nuverra.com

Phone: (602) 903-7802

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We welcome your inquiries. Please contact us at the following addresses, by phone or by completing the form at the bottom of the page.


6720 N Scottsdale Road Suite 190
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Phone: (602) 903-7802
Fax: (602) 903-7806


11942 Veterans Memorial Highway Masontown, WV 25642
Phone: (412) 474-3854
Fax: (412) 246-9605

Rocky Mountain

3711 4th Ave. NE
Watford City, ND 58854
Phone: (701) 842-3618
Fax: (701) 712-0222


11111 Katy Freeway, Suite 1006
Houston, TX 77079
Phone: (832) 539-4701
Fax: (832) 384-8493 

DOT Verification Requests

Nuverra Environmental Solutions / Heckmann Water Resources US DOT #1331300

Nuverra Environmental Solutions / Badlands Power Fuels, LLC US DOT #1432084

DOT Compliance Team

Phone: (832) 539-4701

Fax: (832) 384-8493

Non-DOT Verification Requests

Payroll Team

Phone: (701) 436-7067

Fax: (701) 248-5343

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