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About Us

Nuverra is a leading provider of comprehensive, full-cycle environmental solutions to customers focused on the development and ongoing production of oil and natural gas from shale formations in the United States. We provide one-stop, total environmental solutions and wellsite logistics management, including delivery, collection, treatment and disposal of solid and liquid materials that are used in and generated by the drilling, completion, and ongoing production of shale oil and natural gas.

We utilize a broad array of assets to meet our customers’ logistics and environmental management needs. Our logistics assets include trucks and trailers, temporary and permanent pipelines, temporary and permanent storage facilities, ancillary rental equipment, and liquid and solid waste disposal sites.


We provide a suite of solutions to customers who demand safety,environmental compliance and accountability from their service providers.

Our service offering focuses on providing comprehensive environmental and logistics management solutions within three primary groups:

Logistics and Wellsite Services

Delivery of freshwater to wellsites, freshwater procurement and transfer services, staging and storage of equipment and materials, and rental of wellsite equipment.

Water Midstream

Collection and transportation of produced water from wellsites to the disposal network via trucking or a fixed pipeline system, supplying freshwater for drilling and completion via trucking pipeline systems, gathering systems for collection and transportation of flowback and produced water to disposal wells.

Disposal Wells and Landfill

Liquid waste water from hydraulic fracturing operations, liquid waste water from well production, and solid drilling waste.

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