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Bloom Salt Water Disposal #1

  • 2 production and/or pit offload pods

  • 1 injection pump and 1 well bore at 4,150 bbls/day

  • 4,000 bbls tank storage

Site Safety and Security: 

  • Camera system on location  

  • Monitoring system with alarms – 3 minute warning with lights and horn prior to motor valve closing

Hours of Operation: 

  • Man on location 10 hours per day  

  • Man on call 24-7 call 406-488-4006

Physical Address:

7001 59th St NW

Plaza, ND 58771

Driving Directions

From West-70th Ave NW, turn right or just after mile marker 101, 10 miles East, turn South 4 ½ miles,

West ¼ mile

From Blasedale turn-south to 59th street, turn right (west) follow to end of road

UIC# W0180S0610C

ND File #16862

Salt Water Disposal
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