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Message to all Nuverra Employees,


We are amidst a holiday season like no other.  2020 has been a challenging year. On behalf of the board and our shareholders, many thanks for your dedication throughout the year.  We are continuing to fight thanks to your efforts and sacrifices.  Times are still very tough, but we wanted to offer a small token of appreciation.  Below you will see four different gift items. Please reply to this message with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 to indicate your gift preference.  If selecting option 1, 2, or 3 please also include your preferred clothing size and gender.


Gift option #1 - Nuverra branded (non-FR) Carhartt jacket

Gift option #2 - Nuverra branded FR long-sleeve shirt and winter hat

Gift option #3 - Nuverra branded duffle bag, sweatshirt and stainless steel tumbler

Gift option #4 - $100.00 cash paid with payroll (subject to applicable payroll taxes)


Please enjoy the holiday season and best wishes for healthy, happy and prosperous 2021!

Charlie Thompson


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