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The Nuverra Brand

Nuverra Environmental Solutions is dedicated to the protection, enhancement and advancement of environmental solutions. We partner with E&P and industrial companies who share our vision for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Nuverra is an energy-focused environemental solutions company, providing a range of services including the removal, treatment, recycling, transportation and disposal of restricted solids, fluids and hydrocarbons for E&P customers.


Nuverra specializes in providing environmentally compliant and sustainable solutions to a national footprint of customers who demand the highest level of environmental compliance and accountability from their service providers. Together with our customers, we fundamentally support sustainable energy generation and American energy independence.

The Nuverra Name

Our name is a reflection of our core commitment to providing comprehensive environmental solutions. The name comes from the Greek word neos, meaning new; and the Latin words vera meaning true, and terra meaning earth. Together they signify a full–cycle environmental solutions company committed to creating a sustainable future.

Our logo reflects the critical balance that environmental solutions play in creating a sustainable future. This dynamic relationship is symbolized by two equal halves that unite to form a letter “N” – the symbol of the Nuverra name.

Protect Environment

Nuverra protects the environment and our clients’ interests through responsible implementation of full–cycle environmental solutions.


Nuverra enhances our partners’ sustainable footprint through responsible and safe reuse, recycle, transfer and disposal of oil and gas waste products.


Nuverra enables our client partners to advance national energy independence, reduce energy costs, create new jobs and launch a new era of economic prosperity.

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