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Greg Tipton Leads with Trust

How CIO Greg Tipton won over paper-dependent Nuverra Environmental Solutions and helped it embrace a wide array of digital solutions

By Cristina Merrill

Some managers might enjoy taking a tough approach with their team, but for Nuverra Environmental Solutions Chief Information Officer Greg Tipton, that’s just not his style. “I’m really laid back,” he says. “My team does a great job of knowing what needs to get done. I just provide direction, and they take it from there.”

Indeed, trust is a major theme in Tipton’s professional life at Nuverra. With the leadership team’s support, Tipton has taken several steps, including the incorporation of blockchain technology, to ensure the company is as transparent as possible with customers.

Tipton helped lead the incorporation of LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX, a Salesforce application that digitized Nuverra’s paper process and further strengthened the company’s position in the marketplace.

“We chose FieldFX because it sat on the Salesforce platform and it removed much of the paper out of our process,” he says. The implementation took about eighteen months and gave Nuverra the ability to share data with its customers. “Being able to do this gives us a huge advantage. Some of our competition has already done this, but many of the smaller companies have not. Because they haven’t moved to a paperless process, they have to throw people at what their customers are asking them to do. We can just build an integration and pass data back and forth without adding headcount.”

LiquidFrameworks’ Travis Parigi notes the great partnership the company has had with Nuverra and Tipton. “Greg has been tremendously proactive about embracing technology in an industry that can be archaic in its processes,” says Parigi, CEO and founder of LiquidFrameworks. “He is unquestionably a technology leader.”

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