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Rocky Mountain Region

Bakken Shale Area

The Rocky Mountain Region is comprised of the Bakken shale area in North Dakota and Eastern Montana.  Nuverra has  long served petroleum industry customers in the Bakken. We understand the geology of western North Dakota and Eastern Montana – and what makes oil development here unique. We understand our customers’ changing needs throughout the process, from initial site preparation through drilling and completion, to the production phase and responsible disposal.

We offer tailored solutions for water sourcing, logistics, staging, storage, and disposal, salt water recycling and solids management.  We also offer the most comprehensive fleet of rental equipment in the Bakken. We work with our customers to develop seamless plans that anticipate their needs and keep operations running smoothly.

Service Offerings
Service Offerings


  • Produced Water, Flowback, Freshwater, and Crude Hauling (c/w LACT Units)

  • Rig Service Work, Winch trucks, Scissor trailers, HydroVacs, and other specialized equipment

  • All Trucks Equipped w/ ELD and GPS monitoring/tracking, Electronic billing from truck to Nuverra office

  • Zero Tolerance for Ghost Loads!


Completion & Flowback Services (formerly JMAC)

  • Complete Coordinated Trucking and Rental Equipment Services

  • Onsite Coordinators Provided


Landtech Saltwater Disposal Wells                                         

  • 19 Public SWDs across the Bakken

  • 3 Public Freshwater Wells


Equipment Solutions/Rental Fleet

  • Largest Truck and Rental Fleet in the Bakken, GPS Tracking & Monitoring

  • 24/7 Service Department

  • Specially Designed for Safety & Effectiveness

  • Tanks, manifolds, pumps, hoses, light towers, forklifts, and 544JD loaders

  • Roustabouts, rig washing, location maintenance, construction and transport secondary containment setups, and setting up manifolds for all your tanks, pumps and fluid needs.

  • Drivers and maintenance teams take pride in keeping these units in premium condition. We promise high-quality equipment, rapid turnaround and exceptional service.


Environmental Treatment Center

  • Oilfield Landfill near Arnegard

  • Dozer, Excavators, Road Grader & Side Dumps

  • Camera System on Location

  • Paved road and entrance… No Road Closures. Open 24/7.  Employees on location.

  • Drill Cuttings, Liquid E&P Waste, Liners, Thread Protectors, Frac Sand from Downhole


Environmental Spill Remediation

  • Quick response

  • Work performed to state standards and reporting, Field Soil Testing

  • TENORM Storage and Certified TENORM surveyor

  • Hazwoper 40 trained employees


Water Transfer

  • Company Owned Lay Flat Piping and Transfer Apparatus

  • Proven Track Record

Locations and Contacts

Locations & Contacts

Serving the Bakken from locations in Beach, Dickinson, Minot, Stanley, Tioga, Watford City and Williston, plus multiple salt water disposal well sites in western North Dakota and eastern Montana for rapid distribution of trucks and equipment.

Bakken Centralized Dispatch
Watford City Dispatch
Dickinson Dispatch
Dickinson Mobile After Hours
Tioga/Stanley Dispatch
Williston Dispatch
Williston Mobile Call/Text
Rental & Winch Trucks
Roustabouts and Services
Landtech SWDs
Environmental Treatment Center
Business Development
Minot Business Office
Bakken Shale Map:Locations in Beach, Dickinson, Minot, Stanley, Tioga, Watford City and Williston
Equipment Rental
Equipment Solutions/Rental
Truck and Rentel Fleet

We are the largest supplier of oilfield rental equipment in the region, including  tanks, manifolds, pumps, hoses, light towers and forklifts – all designed and configured to work best for the needs of the Bakken.

We also provide a wide variety of services including roustabouts, rig washing, location maintenance, construct and transport secondary containment setups,  and setting up manifolds for all your tanks, pumps and fluid needs. 


Our drivers and maintenance teams take pride in keeping these units in premium condition. We promise high-quality equipment, rapid turnaround and exceptional service to make sure our customers have it when and where it’s needed.

  • Largest Rental Fleet in the Bakken

  • 24/7 Service Department

  • Specially Designed for Safety & Effectiveness

  • GPS Tracking & Monitoring


  701-842-7850 (Rentals)

  701-842-7850 (Winch Truck Dispatch)

  701-842-7849 (Roustabout and Service Dispatch)

Nuverra Environmental Treatment Center

The Nuverra Environmental Treatment Center is a new, state of the art, state-approved facility in the heart of the Bakken which accepts E&P waste from oilfield exploration and production activities in the area. Some of the wastes accepted are soil contaminated with drilling fluids, drill cuttings, geothermal production fluids, and other solid waste material.

We coordinate all solid waste disposal needs for our Bakken customers to save them time and money. This includes on-site collection of accepted waste material, transportation, and disposal of waste material.

Acceptable Waste

  • Drill Cuttings

  • Pit Liners

  • Contaminated Soils from Crude Oil & Gas drilling location

  • Tank Farm spills/releases

  • Pipeline leaks

  • Frac Flowback

  • Production Salt Water spills

  • TENORM storage up to 90 Days at the facility

Unacceptable Waste

  • Industrial Waste

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Major Appliances

  • Scrap Metal

  • Asbestos

  • PCB Waste

  • Used Oil

  • TENORM Disposal above (5pCi)

  • Radioactive Waste

  • Municipal Waste

Treatment Center Map

Environmental Spill Remediation 

Nuverra provides environmental spill remediation to assist with the proper clean up and removal of oil and water in a safe and efficient manner.​

  • Quick response 

  • Work performed to state standards and reporting

  • Field soil testing

  • TENORM Storage up to 90 days and Certified TENORM surveyor

  • Hazwoper 40 Hour Trained Employees


Bill Cheney HSE Director/Environmental Service: 701-609-7222

13195 26th St NW

Arnegard, ND 58835

Scale house: 701-580-0336

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