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Southern Region

Haynesville Shale Area

The Southern Region is comprised of the Haynesville shale area in Louisiana and Texas.  Nuverra has a long history of serving oil and gas customers in the Haynesville Shale Region. We understand that operating safely and in compliance with environmental standards is our obligation to our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we work.  We place a high value on customer relationships and our team works hard to meet your expectations. 


We serve the Haynesville region with operations in Joaquin, Texas and Frierson, Louisiana; plus multiple disposal wells located throughout the region. 

Haynesville Shale Area Map Texas and Louisiana

Water Solutions and Services

Nuverra is the largest water management company in the region. We offer full services for handling all of our customers’ water and waste management needs including:

  • Transportation of freshwater, drilling fluids, flowback and produced water and solids with more than 50 trucks supported by our “industry-first” paperless invoicing and regulatory documentation system.

  • 60-mile saltwater pipeline network collecting produced water and delivering it to our network of disposal wells in Joaquin, Texas.

  • A 35-mile permanent freshwater pipeline with permitted ground and surface water supplies

  • Largest capacity for saltwater disposal, with 14 permitted UIC disposal wells strategically located in various east Texas counties and additional permits to be drilled.


Equipment Solutions

We are a supplier of oil and gas rental equipment, including trucks, trailers, tanks, manifolds , hoses, and forklifts – all designed and configured to work best for the needs of the Haynesville. Our drivers and maintenance teams take pride in keeping these units in premium condition. We promise high-quality equipment, rapid turnaround and exceptional service to make sure our customers have what they need when they need it.

  • Comprehensive Rental Fleet

  • 24/7 Service Department

  • GPS Tracking & Monitoring

  • Specially Designed for Safety & Effectiveness


  • Frac Tanks

  • Gas Buster Tanks

  • Open Tops

  • Excavators

  • Man Lifts

  • Telescoping Forklift


  • Vacuum Trucks

  • End Dumps

  • Winch Trucks

  • GapVacs

  • Super Sucker

Equipment Soutions

Saltwater Disposals/Freshwater


Please click on the names below to learn more about each location.

Truck Unloading Facilities:

Produced Water Pipeline Facilities:

Freshwater Delivery System

  • Desoto Parish, LA 35 Mile Freshwater Fusible PVC Pipeline

  • Sabine River, LA Intake Point

  • Panola County, TX 200K bbl Pond w/ two replenishment wells

  • Shelby County, TX 100K bbl Pond w/ replenishment well

Louisiana Salt Water Disposal

Operates five truck unloading stations, 11 active saltwater disposal wells, two freshwater wells with 250K barrel ponds, over 100 miles of freshwater delivery and saltwater disposal pipelines in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas. Produced water pipeline complies with Louisiana Department of Natural Resources LAC 43:XIX.Subpart 1.Chapter 5 Regulatory Amendment for Off-site Pipeline Transportation of E&P Waste. Freshwater pipeline currently operate with Sabine River Authority permits to allow river intake. Saltwater disposal facilities comply with above-standard practices and Texas Railroad Commission underground injection control regulatory statues.  Entire system has a permitted capacity of over 150K of disposal capacity, more than any other commercial provider in the area.


Safety and Environment – Dedicated to the Highest Safety Standards

Nuverra is recognized as an industry leader in safety and environmental protection. Our goal is a zero incidence rate within any given period. To maintain this standard, we have implemented a series of safety policies and procedures to help eliminate workplace accidents, injuries and incidents. Our employees receive training throughout the year in the classroom, on the road, and in the field. Through measurement, review and root cause analysis, our programs are designed to build specific safety and environmental practices. Our safety partners in the Haynesville Shale Region include:

Contact Us

Frierson, LA Operations Center (318-872-9050)

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